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Delivery and return

What is your return policy?

We’re convinced that you will love your Dutailier glider or cushions, but if the items aren’t right for you, don’t worry!  You can easily return them within the 30-day period following the date of purchase, hassle-free.

Is my glider covered under warranty?

All Dutailier gliders are covered by a minimum one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Certain glider components can be covered for up to five years. Click here to learn more about our warranties.

How do I return my purchase?

Returning your Dutailier glider is easy—and free! Call us at 1-877-418-4489 or send an email to dstore@dutailier.com. A member of our team will be happy to explain how to proceed with the return. Important: Keep your glider’s original box to facilitate the return.

How do I cancel an order?

Did you have a change of heart? We understand completely. Contact us within 24 hours of placing your order and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.  

What is the wait time for reimbursement?

Your full purchase amount will be reimbursed on the credit card used for the transaction within 30 days.

I wasn’t home when my glider was delivered. What should I do?

The UPS deliverer will leave you a UPS InfoNotice explaining what you need to do to recover your package.

What are the shipping box dimensions?

Regardless of the glider you purchase, the shipping box will always be the same size: 21.75” H x 24.75” W x 35.5” D

Handcrafted in Canada

Where do my glider’s raw materials come from?

The solid wood used to build the structure of our gliders, as well as the foams and polyester fibres used to upholster our cushions, are all Canadian in origin. We count on our Italian partner, Technogel, to produce custom seats for all our gliders.

Where are Dutailier gliders manufactured?

For the past 40 years, all Dutailier gliders have been proudly handcrafted in our Canadian plants, which are located in Quebec. In fact, we are the only manufacturer that continues to produce wood gliders in Canada.  

Why are Dutailier gliders handcrafted?

Simply because Dutailier cares about quality! Every component of our gliders, from their hand-sanded wood structures and generously padded cushions to their carefully sewn slipcovers, are handcrafted by our team of experienced artisans.   

Safe design and mechanism

Are the materials used in my glider safe for me and my baby?

All Dutailier products are made to surpass the strictest consumer requirements and highest industry standards. The paint, wood, stain and varnish we use are all completely safe for your little ones. Even the foam used to upholster our cushions are CertiPUR-Us certified.

Can my glider tip over?

For your safety, all our gliders are subjected to rigorous stability tests according to BIFMA standards. However, please note that we can only guarantee the forward and backward stability of your glider when users are properly seated.

What is Technogel technology?

The secret behind our ultra-comfortable gliders is the Technogel gel cushion in the seats. Originally developed in Italy, this technology is exclusive to Dutailier and boasts a range of benefits. Specifically, it relieves coccyx pain, eliminates pressure points and stays cool. Skeptical? Unzip your glider’s seat cushion and see for yourself! While you’re at it, make sure that your cushion is Technogel-side up.   

What are the levers on the left and right sides of my glider for?

When you’re sitting in your glider, the right lever allows you to stop gliding and lock the chair in six different positions. The left lever allows you to recline the backrest. As an extra bonus, all our chairs glide even while reclined!

My partner and I are different sizes. Will we both feel comfortable in the glider?

We understand that every body is different. Since every chair is paired with a matching gliding ottoman, the gliding experience should be ideal regardless of your partner’s size.

What are the glider’s dimensions?

Dimensions vary for each glider, so we suggest that you consult your preferred model’s product sheet to find out more.

How much weight can my glider support?

All our gliders can support up to 250 lbs.  

Will my glider cushions flatten or sag over time?

We only use high-quality material in our glider cushions. The proof? Our seat cushions greatly surpass those of our competitors. Thanks to our unique custom-moulded foam and integrated Technogel gel, our seats remain firm and comfortable for many years.  

Maintenance and replacement

How do I maintain my glider?

Clean the wood with a soft cloth and slightly soapy water. Wipe dry immediately. For the fabric, simply use a vaccuum cleaner to remove dust. In all cases, avoid placing your glider in direct sunlight as it may discolour the fabric and dull the shine of your wood finish.

There’s a stain on my glider’s seat cushion. How do I clean it?

Use a mild soap-and-water solution to clean light stains. For more stubborn stains, professional furniture cleaning is recommended. Never clean your fabrics in the washing machine.  

Can I order replacement cushions for my glider?

No, unfortunately replacement cushions cannot be ordered for gliders sold exclusively online.

My glider is damaged. Can I order replacement parts?

Even though our gliders are built to last, sometimes accidents happen. Replacement parts may be available, depending on the nature of the damage. To find out, contact a member of our team by sending an email to dstore@dutailier.com or by calling 1-877-418-4489. To speed up the process, we suggest that you have photos of damaged part on hand.  

Can I order fabric samples online?

We understand that choosing the right colour on a computer screen isn’t always easy. That’s why you can order free samples of your favourite fabrics online.

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